Little Footballers Academy

The “LITTLE FOOTBALLERS ACADEMY” is a project designed with the little ones at heart. This mini football pitch has been adapted to the needs of pre-school and early school-aged children.

Its innovative technology, coupled with safe surface makes playing with a ball great fun, but also thanks to its ergonomic protective barriers, tailored to the height of the children; the pitch can also be used as an “arena” for open-air educational activities, which makes it the perfect solution for kindergartens and early school classes. The kids’ bikes track can be replaced with a mini athletics track, and the huge chalk boards and the mini basketball court are only some examples of the additional extension facilities available. One considerable advantage of the project is its capacity to be adapted to any open space.

The project’s final size depends only on the individual design, which we can draft for you.

Recommended installation sites:

  • public and private kindergartens as well as primary schools areas
  • as an extension of an existing infrastructure, such as safe playgrounds, outdoor gyms
  • multi-family housing estates with Civic Budgets
  • surroundings of football pitches
  • urban parks
  • hotels and spas
  • amusement parks

Atest Flex Motion Vertical Surface 2000


  • Length: 8-14 mm
  • Width: 4-7 m
  • Safe surface
  • 3D surfaces designed in the Flex Motion Vertical Surface 2000 system
  • Certified by the National Hygiene Institute

Additional facilities:

  • goalposts
  • chalkboard walls
  • the bike track can be replaced with a mini athletics track

Available colours: