Tomovy parky’s play systems


Tomovy Parky s.r.o. is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of safe playgrounds and related products.


Flex Motion is the official representative in Poland, Germany and Sweden of Tomovy Parky s.r.o., a company specialized in the production and equipping of children’s playgrounds. Our offer, based on long-term cooperation with the manufacturer, includes consulting, project preparation in accordance with the client’s expectations, as well as sale, installation and ongoing maintenance.

Moreover, we also provide “children safe” surfaces.

TOMOVY PARKY S. R. O. – manufacturer of playgrounds, sports facilities and landscape architecture projects

Tomovy Parky s.r.o. is the largest Czech manufacturer of original playgrounds for children. The company has operated on the market since 2003, and children may benefit from their products in more than 1,000 installations in Europe. Tomovy Parky s.r.o. offers a wide range of both wooden and metal facilities and equipment, as well as originally designed acacia wood products for gardens, relaxation areas, and multifunctional sports areas.

Our wide offer encompasses original playgrounds, play facilities, parks for senior citizens, and fixed or movable equipment made of acacia wood or steel. We are focused on quality, durability and the safety of our products. They all fulfill even the most strict safety standards, defined by international quality certificates (TÜV, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001). All the materials used allow us to create a safe and children-friendly space, and a wide range of surface colors ensures satisfactory aesthetic values.

We also have a wide range of additional devices such as:

Play facilities

  • swings
  • rockers, bouncing chairs
  • balance beams
  • slides
  • carousels
  • playsets/climbing frames
  • play houses
  • towers
  • rollers
  • vehicles and boats
  • cable cars
  • sandpits
  • preschool installations

Sports and recreational facilities

  • sport sets
  • play-tables
  • fitness installations (outdoor gym centers)
  • health paths
  • sports field equipment
  • equipment for gymnastics

Elements of landscape architecture

  • benches
  • garden arbors
  • tables
  • chairs
  • fencing
  • rubbish bins
  • bicycle stands
  • lighting
  • terms of use boards

Other devices

  • theme facilities
  • safe surfaces
  • ropeways
  • climbing sets

Wooden playgrounds – playgrounds made of acaia wood

The leading production technology is based on building playgrounds with the use of acacia wood, due to its specific characteristics. Acacia is unique for its hardness and resistance to external factors. That is why it is perfectly suited for building safe playgrounds. Moreover, acacia wood is extremely resistant to moisture, sun and ground contact. Specifically in Polish weather conditions, it resists decaying processes for decades, whereas other species of trees, such as beech, poplar, ash or larch are prone to undergo decaying processes within a few years. Acacia wood is also highly resistant to mechanical damages, which is very important in such frequently used places. The playgrounds we design not only fulfill the highest safety standards, but they also ensure high aesthetic values and can fit perfectly into almost any location.


Our facilities are mostly situated in open spaces. Therefore, Tomovy Parky s.r.o. aims at incorporating the playgrounds into the landscape, so that they become a pleasant addition to the surroundings. The entire production process is non-automated and with the use of water-based, environmentally friendly paints. Our methods earned us the ISO 14001 and the Green Energy (ČEZ Zelená energie) certificates, which are a guarantee that our approach is safe for the environment.

Construction and equipment of playgrounds – QUALITY ASSURANCE / ACCEPTANCE INSPECTION


The solutions we offer are complete, and range from the design phase, through the sales process, as well as maintenance at a later stage. Tomovy Parky s. r. o. offers a 5-year general warranty period covering both the supporting structure and structural elements, and a 2-year warranty covering the remainder of the elements.

Acceptance guarantee

We assist in the acceptance of ready-to-use playgrounds and in obtaining the necessary approvals from the relevant certification bodies. Handling over the product does not mean we conclude our cooperation with the client. From this moment on, users and owners of playgrounds are under our care. We ensure full maintenance, repairs and extensions of playground space.


We kindly encourage you to contact our office. Our experts are ready to assist you in selecting the proper devices and in making sure that the installations are aligned with both the landscape and the specific conditions of your location of choice. Thanks to their creative talents, they will be able to propose either standard items from our offer or unorthodox, innovative solutions tailored to your requirements.