Aerokin filling material for artificial turf by Gezolan

AEROKIN® rubber granules for artificial turf

The specially developed and manufactured EPDM rubber granules for artificial turf feature high elasticity, good temperature regulation and optimal anti-slip properties. Athletes around the world benefit from these outstanding capabilities and the harmless to health composition has no detrimental effects on their health.

AEROKIN® was developed exclusively as the filling material for artificial turf. The infill granules are used primarily for soccer, rugby and football fields. A somewhat more compact version is also ideal for artificial turf for tennis courts and other sports.

Foaming for improved anti-slip properties

AEROKIN® differs from the competition mainly in the manufacturing process. Foaming of the material makes it softer and therefore more elastic. In addition, the tiny pores absorb water, which is released with each step.

  • The high elasticity of AEROKIN® reduces the danger of injury
  • Due to the «pump-and-play» effect, pressure on the rubber granules causes the absorbed water to be released. This results in ideal anti-slip properties beneath the foot, which greatly reduces the risk of injury.

AEROKIN® conforms to stringent environmental standards

The effects of EPDM rubber granules in artificial turf on humans has repeatedly made the headlines in recent years. A top priority at GEZOLAN is the use of eco-friendly materials and chemicals in order to protect not only the athletes, but also our employees and customers, from toxic substances.

Long-lasting and easy-to-use

GEZOLAN is known for granules of consistently high quality. GEZOFILL® is a high-yield material with a constant granule size distribution curve that facilitates even spreading on the artificial turf. Efficient regulation of the quantity ensures an optimal bulk weight. This eliminates both excess granules and wasted money.