FLEX MOTION is the exclusive representative of the US company Beynon, a world leading producer of outdoor and indoor sports surfaces. We offer both the complex implementation of playgrounds and sports facilities as well as the sale of high-quality surface materials. In our offer we have polyurethane sports surfaces, industrial floors, safe surfaces for children and other all-purpose surfaces.


The company has been operating on the market since 1971. Extensive experience, reliable maintenance services and the best quality of products ensure successful investments in the sports construction sector. Beynon’s products ensure swift execution and sustainability of sports surfaces, which are exposed to continuous use.

Research and development of new products take place in the manufacturing plant in the US, and every product undergoes strict quality control tests. All Beynon’s surfaces have received ISO-9001 certificates, and the manufacturer’s standard 10-year warranty allows us to stay ahead of our competition on international markets.

Beynon’s surfaces include outdoor and indoor sports surfaces, safe playgrounds surfaces, floors preventing ricochet shots at shooting ranges and floors in industrial plants.


Selecting the right type of surface guarantees the proper use of a facility. Beynon’s products are based on polyurethane systems. Polyurethane surfaces manufactured by Beynon are the best possible materials used to construct durable athletics tracks and other surfaces, offering perfect adhesion, shock absorption and the possibility to be used in varying weather conditions.

Flex Motion - exclusive representative in Poland

Beynon’s offer encompasses:

  • Outdoor sports surfaces (BSS100, BSS300, BSS1000, BSS2000, BS3000, FieldTurf synthetic turf)
  • Indoor floors (Polyturf Plus, Polyturf Plus Pad and Pour)
  • Safe surfaces for children
  • Universal surfaces
  • Special and industrial surfaces



The revolutionary BSS 3000 is IAAF Certified, environmentally friendly, and rapidly improves athletic performance by efficiently converting impact energy into kinetic energy, propelling the athlete forward.

The ultra-soft polyurethane elastomer allows for superior shock absorption for better performance. Additionally, by using only renewable polyol technologies, we reduce the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by 300,000 pounds upon installation.

The BSS 3000 is unlike any sports surface in the market today and unlike other full pour track surfaces, the BSS 3000 contains no SBR. Extensive R&D efforts and rigorous testing have combined to deliver this remarkableadvancement in track and field surfacing.


The Olympic-caliber BSS 2000 is IAAF Certified and offers athletes the top level of control and maximum energy return. It makes training more manageable and allows athletes to compete at the highest levels with the best in the world.

Featuring a force reduction layer of butyl rubber and full-depth color polyurethane, this system is finished with a customized surface engineered to meet the intense demands of competition.


The BSS 1000 is an IAAF Certified surface that allows athletes to give it their all while training or in competition. This surface is durable enough to resist the roughest weather and the toughest competition.

Its bio-engineered force reduction layer integrates very fine SBR rubber granules with environmentally friendly polyurethane to create an impermeable shockabsorbing cushion.


The BSS 1000ML is an IAAF Certified full pour multilayered track and field surface for schools and universities that desire a full pour track surface to meet competitive bidding requirements.

Made of UV stabilized two-component polyurethane, recycled SBR granules, and EPDM, the BSS 1000ML is a three-layer system that exceeds the requirements of IAAF performance standards.


The IAAF Certified BSS 300 is a durable, all-weather, flood and chip sandwich system with excellent shock absorption and the highest return of energy. It’s impermeable, resilient, and fast and can take on anything that comes its way.

The Dual Durometer Sandwich system features paved-in-place polyurethane, topped with a two-component seal coat and finished with a flow-applied layer of two-component polyurethane and your choice of texture. The two-component wear layer provides the ultimate return of energy and ensures the longest life cycle in the industry.


You get the most out of the BSS 200 because it allows for safe, long-term training while providing a premier surface to meet virtually every level of competition. You’ll get the optimal performance from your athletes for years to come with its ability to withstand most weather climates and conditions.

We start with a paved-in-place polyurethane basemat, then it’s coated with a two-component polyurethane sealer to make the surface impermeable. This track delivers consistent energy return throughout its lifespan.


This surface stands up to all weather conditions and satisfies multi-use needs. It delivers consistent energy return throughout its life cycle and is water permeable.

The BSS 100 is a paved-in-place porous track with a single-compound polyurethane binder and SBR rubber granules, finished with multiple sprays of 100% solids, pigment polyurethane, and EPDM granules.

FieldTurf synthetic turf

Artificial turfs because of their attributes are gaining popularity. It is no wonder because research shows that synthetic turf is safer, lasts longer and is much cheaper and easier in its maintenance than a natural one.

FieldTurf syntethic turf is being used not only by the best football clubs in Europe, but also by rugby and hockey teams, on tennis courts and for other sports disciplines, in which high resilience and adhesion are integral parts of the activity.

Beynon is a part of the Tarkett Group, the worldwide flooring leader. FieldTurf – a global leader in artificial turf also belongs to this group – and thanks to their sophisticated production technology and economies of scale the best prices in the market can be guaranteed.


POLYTURF PLUS – the system of double resiliency

Beynon Sports has revolutionized the next generation of smooth sports surfacing. Polyturf Plus floors are tough enough to endure the extreme demands of daily training and competition—as well as the abuse of tables, chairs, and rolling loads.

Application of water-based polyurethane topcoat increases its rugged durability and the flexible surface increases energy efficiency and shock absorbency perfectly, fulfilling even the most strict IAAF standards. Putting on a protective color coat should considerably extend its durability.


No two sports facilities are the same. So why settle for a one-size-fits-all flooring system? With the Beynon PolyTurf-Plus Pad and Pour, you can customize your flooring to fit your facility's needs.

The two-component polyurethane choke coat layer and self-leveling polyurethane wear coat layer ensures long lasting durability and firmness when bouncing a ball. Made of 100% recycled rubber, the shock pad base layer provides the long-lasting quality and the water-based polyurethane finish - in your choice of colors, textures, and thickness - ensures easy maintenance and outstanding physical properties.